Finding focus in strengthening our communities.

Diverge Health empowers primary care practices to deliver the highest quality care to underserved patients.

We founded Diverge Health because underserved patients and their primary care providers deserve better. We are excited to be partnering with those providers and supporting them to amplify their efforts in caring for communities across the country.”

Binoy Bhansali & Manmeet Kaur

We support primary care practices to extend their reach and better serve their patients.

Diverge Health brings deep infrastructure to practices, including highly trained community health teams, administrative support, and technology, to deliver local population health management. By leveraging our solutions, primary care practices achieve outstanding results for their patients and thrive in the transition to value-based payment models.

Who Benefits and How

Primary Care Advantage

  • Access to community health teams and administrative support to augment patient care
  • Access to technology, data, and clinical workflows – one system across payer partners
  • Receive rewards for the value you create in the transition to value-based payment models

Patient Advantage

  • Access to community health teams who can meaningfully improve access, health literacy, and overall patient health
  • Improved outcomes and better quality care experience addressing both clinical and non-clinical needs

Payor Advantage

  • Improved patient outcomes and provider satisfaction
  • Enhanced performance on state alternative payment model, quality, and health equity requirements leading to enhanced RFP bids / positioning with states
  • Better, more predictable financial performance

The power of community health teams.

Community health workers are trusted individuals from local communities who enable patients to more effectively manage their care journeys. Through proprietary recruiting, training, and coaching programs that have been honed and tested in partnership with risk-bearing providers, Diverge Health supports patients with in-home, self-management coaching, while escalating urgent health needs to clinicians to avert complications.

Community Health

The foundation of Diverge Health’s community health worker model was built by City Health Works, a 501(c)3 non-profit – Diverge Health acquired the intellectual property of City Health Works in 2023. City Health Works was able to demonstrate significant outcomes in its nearly decade of serving across the state of New York:

Cost of Care
  • Year 1 $18,149 / 68% reduction (baseline = $26,801)
  • Year 2 $5,993 / 45% reduction (baseline = $13,320)
Engagement & NPS
  • 50-70% engagement rate consistently over seven years
  • 90 NPS consistently over seven years
Chronic Condition Management
  • Asthma
    50% fewer emergency room visits than control group
  • Diabetes
    1-1.5% average reduction in HbA1c
  • Blood Pressure
    76% experienced a reduction